5 Questions Help You Get Past Shiny Object Syndrome

One key factor that keeps small business owners from achieving their goal and objectives is a behavior that I call “Shiny Object Syndrome.”  At it’s core Shiny Object Syndrome causes small business owners to get distracted by things that do not bring immediate impact to their primary goal.

Shiny Object Syndrome stems from 2 facts.  First, that most small business owners are optimists.  And second that they tend to see opportunity in everything!  While most would find these characteristic to be strengths, they can also be a weakness if not kept in check.

This presentation introduces a line of questioning that anyone can apply immediately to begin to their Shiny Objects to determine if they are a distraction or really a worthwhile project which should be pursued.  You can read more about the topic via the blog post titled 5 Questions Help You Get Past Shiny Object Syndrome.

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